Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend round up

Things I learned this weekend.

-An 11-month-old seems a lot more active than a 10-month-old. Kiptyn gets into everything! He gets into our drawers and pulls out our clothes after I just put them away, he gets into the pantry and pulls out the food, pulls out the pots and pans, pulls out my cook books; there's nothing this kid won't get into. I'm one of those mom's too who doesn't really mind though as sometimes he can be pretty clingy so 15 to 20 minutes of peace and quiet while he's making a mess of things is A-OK with me.

-Women's soccer is a heck of a lot more interesting than men's soccer. For one, they don't fall down every time someone comes near them and pretend to have a seizure; and they actually kick the ball to their teammate instead of being a ball hog. While the USA ended up losing, I still enjoyed watching bits and pieces of the game while I was suppose to be working ;).

-I want to be a happy runner. I was up early this morning taking Kiptyn and Wesley on a walk; and even though it was blasting hot out at 7 a.m., the two individuals I saw running said good morning with a smile on their face. It makes me wonder if Corrie is a happy runner. I know I'm not so I'm going to work on that! is my favorite website when I end up working long, 10-hour days. Someone should join me for a game! Email me!

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