Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend round up

Things I learned this weekend.

-An 11-month-old seems a lot more active than a 10-month-old. Kiptyn gets into everything! He gets into our drawers and pulls out our clothes after I just put them away, he gets into the pantry and pulls out the food, pulls out the pots and pans, pulls out my cook books; there's nothing this kid won't get into. I'm one of those mom's too who doesn't really mind though as sometimes he can be pretty clingy so 15 to 20 minutes of peace and quiet while he's making a mess of things is A-OK with me.

-Women's soccer is a heck of a lot more interesting than men's soccer. For one, they don't fall down every time someone comes near them and pretend to have a seizure; and they actually kick the ball to their teammate instead of being a ball hog. While the USA ended up losing, I still enjoyed watching bits and pieces of the game while I was suppose to be working ;).

-I want to be a happy runner. I was up early this morning taking Kiptyn and Wesley on a walk; and even though it was blasting hot out at 7 a.m., the two individuals I saw running said good morning with a smile on their face. It makes me wonder if Corrie is a happy runner. I know I'm not so I'm going to work on that! is my favorite website when I end up working long, 10-hour days. Someone should join me for a game! Email me!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm whipped!!

This is what I wake up to every morning. How blessed am I?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best. Investment. Ever!

As a new mom, I have to say I probably don't have much advice. However, I will say that one of the best investments I have made to date for my son is his ibert. We just got back from an amazing bike ride together as a family (it was either go on a bike ride with my family or work out on my elliptical all by myself; I will always choose my family). Kiptyn loves it, I love it, Randy loves it, and it's just a terrific and fun thing to do on a beautiful summer night. It's safer than the seats that attach to the back of your bike as well as the trailers that you pull. I just have not one negative thing to say about it. So do yourself and your family a favor, go buy an ibert and go get some exercise ;)!

(note picture is a few months old).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Doing The Impossible

Hey friends. So it has been a while since I blogged, and I'm dedicating this blog to my friend Lizzy!! She told me about a month or so ago that I need to start writing blogs again. I guess she must have enjoyed my writing style :). In any event, this blog is for you Lizzy with lots of love!!!

I haven't written in 10 months, seems like so long ago. I'm trying to think of "what's new" in our lives. We have done a lot this year. Went on a cruise, went to the UK, went to California, became licensed foster parents, did a lot of home projects, and, therefore, spent a lot of money :). I'm working from home now which most of you probably know, and Randy got a promotion a few weeks ago and is traveling to Onalaska, Wisconsin, (about an hour drive); but he is now "the boss" of his own store. He really enjoys his job and is listening to quite the number of audio books.

I have been reading a lot lately. I really am enjoying it. I'm in the middle of reading the Twilight Series. I saw the movie with Joanie, and I thought it was completely awful!!!! I keep hearing, however, about how awesome the books are. One of my favorite political pundits (Glenn Beck) talks about how awesome the books are all the time. A few friends told me the books are good, and I honestly was getting sick of the romance novels (although that is what I am starting to think what Twilight is all about, romance). I thought I would try it out. Kristy said she read them so now I am not as embarrassed admitting that I am reading them. I was almost going to give up, but one of my new piano students saw the book on my table and said the further along you get in the series the better the series is. I'm holding on to hope that my interest increases. I also teased my piano student that Edward was my cousin (the character in the book is Edward Cullen), and I too was a vampire. She didn’t believe me.

As far as reading nonfiction, I'm reading this book called When God Writes Your Life Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. I'm on the 5th chapter and to say that I haven't been challenged is an understatement. A lot within the 4 chapters I have heard before; but I think it is true that when you get older, you become more serious in your spiritual life. The 1st chapter is about doing the impossible and not settling for mediocre Christianity. That chapter challenged me because as I have a routine in my life and as we become set in our ways, we don't really like to bring about change; and we definitely don't think about doing something within our level of intelligence that doesn't seem "safe." We strive to stay comfortable, and we tend to strive for mediocrity. I feel that as every day passes, I strive more and more for mediocrity than I do for "impossibility." The great thing is that our God strives for "impossibility." Words cannot describe how proud I have been of my friends and family who challenge the impossibilities head on. You guys are complete blessings to me and what an encouragement.

So, what am I going to do that seems like an impossibility to my level of intelligence? It all stems from reading a lot this summer/fall. After reading quite a bit this summer/fall, I really have had a desire to write. All of you that know my husband know he grew up in Africa. Most of you probably don't know that Randy is a very, very talented writer; and writing and literature are his first love. All of you that know me know that I moved to Bay City, Wisconsin, when I was 15. Most of you probably don't know that what got me through the move was reading the Christy Miller series. Moving was definitely harder for me than I let on; I don't even really remember expressing how hard it was for me with my friends. Randy and I talked about it, and we both agreed; we want to write a series for young adults as there are not many interesting books out there for Christian young adults. We even have a story line and plot; and I must say, I think it'll be rather interesting.

Now, most of you probably think this is hilarious. I think it is so you can laugh along with me. Do I think that we can write something that can be published? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is completely impossible to me; however, if God wants to use us in this way, He will make it happen. We’re going to have fun doing this together, husband and wife, even if nothing becomes of it. I almost can’t wait to write the 1st chapter. Perhaps I will post an excerpt…….

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rock climbing pleasure

Thanks first of all to all of those who wished us a happy anniversary. We both really apprecaite your thoughtful wishes! We had a BLAST! It really was so much fun! We had a personal class with a man named Pat. He actually ended up being the owner of the place. He climbed Devil's Tower around 100 times and is pretty amazing at climbing. Anyway, he taught us how to belay, how to tie the knots, and some technique to climbing. I was just lucky to climb and get to the top without worrying about what color of "rock" I was suppose to be using. It was a lot of fun though, and both Randy and I want to keep climbing. We enjoyed ourselves so much, and it really will be fun to keep at it. There is a place in Rochester that we are going to go to soon. However, renting the equipment is pretty silly especially if we are going to keep climbing. We decided to buy shoes and a harness, but we don't know when that will happen yet so renting will just have to do for now.

At the end of the day, our forearm muscles were SO sore that after three hours of climbing, we were fatigued. We then went to a hotel close to the gym and just hung out there the rest of the night. It was such a nice place, and they actually had ducks in the hotel. Randy was amazed by the ducks haha!! We tried to play with them, but they actually were not that habituated--haha!

The next day was Thanksgiving, and we both had a lot to be thankful for. We went to my parents house and had a great time. We enjoyed ourselves; however, that evening, I came down with the flu. It was horrible; I couldn't go shopping with Katie. I was SO disappointed about not being able to go, but it was pretty bad. I'm still getting over my sickness. Hopefully, I will get better soon. New favorite thing--Hallmark Christmas movies :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 years and counting

I am sitting here thinking while working (not a good sign, I should be paying attention) about the eve of my wedding three years ago. I have great, great memories! What a great day it was, and I will never have to do it again! Can I get an AMEN! Here are some of my very fond memories:

It was great to finally get to meet Rob, Ruth, and Amber of whom I heard so much about. I enjoyed taking counseling classes, even though they were with my father. There are a few things I still think about to this day about what we talked about in our three (yes, only three) marriage classes. One was how you should treat your spouse like elegant china instead of paper plates. I think he stole it from Joel Olsteen actually. Even if we weren't getting married, I'm sure he would have shared that analogy with us anyway. Another thing I took away was when he said that he can't really teach us what marriage is all about. We just have to live it. He said we are pretty much just jumping in the deep end of a pool not knowing how to swim; and to an extent, he is definitely right. He said I can give you tools and advice; but in the end, you are the ones that are going to do all the work. I remember Katie being preggo with Taylor and worried that she was going to have Taylor when I was on my honeymoon (she didn't). Matthew was actually nice to Tara and romantic for once (weird, I know). Charissa ironing my veil into the wee hours of the morning. I remember how much I LOVED my cake with the cake topper, totally African haha! Shopping with my mom for all the wedding stuff. Enjoying the last months of singlehood. Amanda Vogel spending the night for my bridal shower and reading a book that prepared me for the big day and just reading "certain" passages of it. Alyvia ringing those bells like her life depended on it. Matthew and his new video camera and taping the best video tape in the world. Taking Elisabeth to Color Me Mine and spending quality time with her (she is 9 now, it's sad). Noah being a complete babe and very hilarious about his flower....I could definitely go on; I'll stop though or else this post will be TOO long.

Honestly, marriage has been better than I thought. It hasn't been as hard as I thought either. I'm sure now that the "honeymood phase" is over (I think they give you 2-3 years), it will get harder. I have learned that marriage takes work, and you definitely have to be willing to work at it to make it last. I also have learned that the better walk you have personally with the Lord, the better your marriage is. Randy and I are definitely doing great. I pray that this will always be the case. Today, we went to go get wood for our woodstove to keep us warm this winter. An elderly man from church sold us some. He was just so happy to see us both working together getting the wood, etc. This is what Randy and I do though. We work together as a team, and this man was just grateful to see this. He was so encouraging to us, and I hope that we can have a strong marriage like he and his wife have. He has gone through a lot, but they both stuck together and put God first in their lives. I hope we can mirror them in some way.

Well, this is a long enough post and I am suppose to be working, haha! So off to rock climbing tomorrow. I am REALLY excited about this!!! We will have a great 3-year anniversary.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Border collies hate me

So most of you know that I was bitten by a Border Collie when I was around 3 years old. I remember that traumatic time very clearly. My dad was going to buy the dog from my grandpa, and I was pretty much scared of the dog. They had me go out and play with it so I kept telling the dog to shake. I probably told the dog to shake around 20 times, and he must have gottten pretty bored and attacked me and bit me in the face. Thank God that my oldest brother was there to get the dog off of me. Anyway, I remember having to get stitches in my face and remember my parents telling me I was beautiful, even though from pictures I see how horrible I actually looked.

Well, a few weeks ago I was going to my boss's house nonetheless to teach her children piano. They have a Border Collie and out of NO WHERE, the dog attacks my leg. I was in so much shock. I walk in the door, and here is this dog eating my leg! What did I do!? I'm a dog lover, I've never been mean to dogs (I have been mean to cats but that is besides the point). Well, I didn't have to have stitches, but I did get a HUGE bruise and a puncture wound. Randy was happy that it wasn't summer because he didn't want to look like a wife beater...haha! It looked horrible; and for a few days, I had problems walking, etc.

Thank goodness I have a little dog that can only bite ankles. He never would bite (he better not); but you know, I think small dogs are the way to go. I think I'm going to write a song about my experiences. It probably will be in a minor key!!!